Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Today I got called to cover a news conference at Scores night club in the West Side of Manhattan. The club is announcing the start of a new location in Las Vegas. Evidently folks like Disney and Cirque du Soleil are making the town too family friendly.

A heavy set man in a cheap suite who was either an owner or a manager announced that "bunch" of Scores dancer will come down and pose for pictures soon.

As far as I could tell, the announcement for the new club was already out there and there was no need for the girls. But I guess we needed to get some silicone to go along with the text.

Of course the paparazzi were out in force. A hand-full of sleezy looking guys with point and shoot cameras also waited to snaps shots of the dancers.

New York Post and Daily News photographers posed the dancers as other guys made similar requests. They would say “honey” could you turn this way or “sweetheart” look over your shoulder.

During the group shot one of the dancers said how come no one is flashing? The paparazzi had already snapped enough pictures. One guy shouted back “because we are waiting for you to flash.”

As I tried to make some feature images out of this over-set-up event, I ran into Lauren my reporter from the The New York Sun. We both looked at each other and gestured what the hell we are doing here. She then turned and said “weren’t you in Iran just a few months ago and now shooting this!?”

Ramin Talaie
West SideNew York City

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