Monday, August 15, 2005

Farewell to Steven Vincent

Today the body of murdered journalist Steven Vincent was laid to rest after a moving ceremony at the Middle Collegiate Church in New York City. Vincent had attended the church and lived in Lower East Side.

Vincent's wife, Lisa Ramaci, kisses her husband one last time

Steven Vincent was killed in Basra Iraq, by unknown assailants. His body was found on Tuesday August 2, 2005 along with his translator, Nour Weidi, who was seriously wounded.

Vincent authored "In The Red Zone" and recently had written an Op-Ed piece for The New York Times.

Blogger and Time magazine reporter Christopher Allbritton wrote this piece after his death for the New York Magazine.

Vincent's wife, Lisa Ramaci (left), holding to a folded American flag stands outside the church after his funeral

Ramin Talaie
Lower East Side in New York City

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