Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now meet Sam - the "plumber"

Say it ain't so Joe!? Evidently Mr. Joe the plumber is not really an average Joe, nor a licensed plumber. There is also the issue of unpaid taxes.

Basically Mr. McCain ruined Joe's.... I mean Sam's life by trying to use him to make a point with false presumptions.

As it was clear "Joe the plumber" became a media subject the day after the presidential debate. As a result his whole life went under media scrutiny. Read The New York Times story here.

But really, how many plumbers make over $250,000? In Ohio! Is this middle of America? Is plumbing that good in Toledo? Is he just an average plumber? Good for Mr.
Wurzelbacher to make over $250,000, but he is no average Joe!

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