Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Road Less Traveled

I was clearly heading the wrong way here. The road is not even paved, just gravel, but frozen solid. When I realized I was lost this morning I just kept going to see a bit of the white countryside. You can drive for hours at 90 mph (speed limit is 65 and 70) and not see any people or animals, just farms, house farms, fast food restaurants and gas stations. Thanks to my BlackBerry, I never get lost, but I have missed a lot of exits! I have driven over 1,500 miles so far and still a few more days to go.

The road less traveled is less traveled for a good reason.

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ews said...

Hey! You have some awesome shots in this series. I have missed checking since we've been in Montreal. We had some crazy snow driving there too. Love the picture of the baby Obama supporter. And the b&w of Romney.