Monday, April 10, 2006


After spending a day in the refer crazy, over-sexed, ultra-liberal Amsterdam, Holland, I arrived at Tehran's Aiport. Upon landing, women who were drinking wine and showing off their latest fashions and blond hair, transformed themselves into acceptable subjects of streets of Tehran. There was a woman sitting next to my row with enough botox in her lips to poison everyone on the plane. Now, she was wearing her hejab, looking even more ridicules with her Angelina Joli (sp?) lips wanna be.
The KLM jet was packed with Iranians from the U.S. and Holland heading to Iran. Everyone seems to have an un-finished business or reclaiming a property they lost during the revolution or something like that.
After going through passport check and picking up my suitcase, I had to pass through another x-ray station. An unprofessional looking man wearing 2-Tomman suite reading a newspaper took his eyes off the pages to check the content of my bag on the monitor. He asked me where I was coming from and what I was carrying. He then directed me to get my bag checked in another section. Everything was out, my underwear and my digital camera perfectly wrapped around one of my white t-shirts. Long story short, I had to explain what an R-BGAN is. That it is not a spy machine. A woman in charge of checking my bag kept asking me if it is a "receiver"? I kept saying NO! I totally could have lied that it was a lap-top, but may be next time. R-BGAN is a satellite transmitter that can work anywhere and get you access to internet.
After half and hour of haggling, they held my R-BGAN at the airport. I have to claim it on my back or show them a freaking "mojavez" (permit), a word which is used quite often in this country.
It all should be fine. I slept most of my first day here and will hit the ground tonight going to a coffee-shop....not like those in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam was cold but Tehran's weather seems just lovely. Spring in Tehran has always been nice but I already feel the heavy polluted air in my lungs.

More from Tehran soon.

Ramin Talaie
Tehran, Iran

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