Wednesday, February 09, 2005

3 Dollar Haircut

Today to keep myself busy, I dropped off my laundry and after the chow, I went to get myself a haircut. The sign outside the barbershop trailer read, $3 Army haircut. Inside there were 5 barbershop chairs and 2 men doing the work. I am not sure where they were from, possibly Indian or somewhere in Southeast Asia. There was a soldier on each chair as I waited my turn. I think they charge by the minute. It has to be 3 minutes for 3 dollars!

When it was my turn for a cut, I made sure to repeatedly say "no military cut." I pointed to what seemed to be an Army issued photo of soldier next to the mirror and said "NO!" The barber just smiled and said “okay sir”. I got into the seat thinking I would walk away looking like a soldier!

As I said, he was finished 3 minutes later. I was just getting comfortable in my seat when he said “thank you sir.” He then walked around with a mirror and proudly showed his work for me to inspect. I nodded in satisfaction and again he smiled back. I looked at him, bright white teeth shining on his dark oily skin. As I got up to leave, I inspected the haircut once again. I was quite happy with my decision to get the cut.

I tipped him one dollar and wondered why the same $3 haircut costs $30 in New York City!?

Ramin Talaie – Camp Liberty – Baghdad Iraq

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chickiedisco said...

Why, Ramin, is New York more expensive? Well, first of all, the likelihood of getting shot at in New York, while possible, is a bit less. Depends on the hood. The other thing is you have a good shot of having a gay barber in NYC and less of a chance in Baghdad. That's just my snapshot assessment, but I could be totally wrong. What do YOU think?