Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Camp Liberty

I have been here for just less than a week now. This is a huge camp with its own bus route for the workers and at least 3 mess halls that serves enough food to feed the entire city of Baghdad.
The unit that I am with controls Abu sharp section of Baghdad. Its not a nice part of the city and its full of insurgents. People seem to be used to seeing American tanks and Bradleys come around. Even when the soldiers line up to take on a house people just hang around to watch as if the bullets will not hit them.
Getting the kind of photos I wanted is hard. We patrol the same streets and the same areas. Its not very dense. Most homes are one story tall. So far I would tell people to be VERY SPECIFIC about which unit and where they want to embed. Sometimes I feel bored, like today!
There are mortars that hits the camp all the time. The security is tight since Mosul mess hall bombing.

So far embedding in a camp this big seems to be a suffocating thing.

Ramin Talaie - Baghdad, Iraq


chickiedisco said...

Actually, maybe it is good that you are bored, rather than afraid! But what kind of photos did you want to take? Somehow, I am sure you will still wind up with some great shots, nonetheless. Will you be able to post the photos from over there?

Living in Thailand said...

We have a website that was created during the Tsunami please let us know if any people there is found and we will delete themAfter the Tsunami