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New Year's Eve 2009

We started the day with fired dough covered in sugar! Check out the amazing home-made doughnuts at Doughnut Plant in Lower East Side.

They even had a special doughnut for 2009 shaped like a "9."

We then drove uptown through the West Village in snow and cold wind. We were warm and cozy in our little Honda!

To get to our next stop, we had to cross Amtrak rails in Washington Heights.

We were looking for a little Red Light House under the George Washington Bridge. I think this is the only lighthouse on Manhattan island.

It was freezing, specially by the river, but we had to take some pictures.

After a quick stop at the Cloisters in the Fort Tryon Park.

It was time to eat. We found parking behind a funny car in the West Village.

We ate at the Hummus Place...YUMMY and cheap!

Driving back to Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge.

I took a few quick pictures while driving as Mallory steered and watched the road.

The night is not over, but I am tired. We will make a stop at home and rest for a while.

The next stop was at Elizabeth and Ash (no last name, your welcome). We had yummy food and played Trivial Pursuit.

The highlight of the night was Pratt Institute in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. At midnight people gather to hear the university's tradition known as the New Year’s Eve steam whistles.

A few hundred people gathered in Pratt campus the listen to the steam whistles and to usher in 2009 in sub-freezing temperatures.

That is all she wrote for 2009.

Best wishes for 2009.